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Hello and howdy.

Just wanted to wish everyone a lovely Christmas...:) TY for adding to my life, each in your own way.


Be safe!
Just wanted to wish all of my peeps a wonderful Thanksgiving (for those that are celebrating the holiday)...

Sorry for not being around too much, I've been on FB and my blog more and more.

Anyway. Much love.
To my good pal: annieoakley999 . I'm wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday, girl!

You are a sweetheart, I hope to know you forever...:)
To those of you that have recently added me at random (or otherwise), without my knowledge, could you please leave me a comment? If I don't know you and you added me, I'll never add ya back.

Unless you like to be kept in the dark...hey man, that's cool too...;)

Sounds about right...heh.

Your LJ friends hiding places!

msilva is hiding in the bushes outside!

thatvoiceguy is under your bed!

blind_deliverer is in the back of the bedroom closet.

lust_inthe_dust is that big lump of laundry by your bed.

redrain is standing in the corner, very still, wearing a lampshade.

venusrising is in the backseat of the car, and bluelake367 is hiding in the trunk!

eledaisy is behind the curtains!

cerinamroth2980 is the one on the corner a block away, wearing a gorilla suit and carrying a bunch of balloons.

sagekat is spying on you from across the street with a telephoto camera!

bethie8888 and atheniansista04 are in the van down the street, and are responsible for those clicking noises on your phone.

felinenormal is masqerading as an assisstant at your dentist's office!

freakykitten was that delivery person with the long white beard and stringy white hair. (It was a disguise!!!)

Your LJ friends hiding places!
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Friends Cut...:)

For the folks that don't seem to know I exist. So long, good luck, etc etc.


HB Nazzie!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the wise-beyond-her-years elegyforlife .

May you have a hundred more! (well, at least 80).

LY, dear...

Cause I'm just too excited...:)

44 days until Fall begins
83 days until Halloween and the Start of the Holiday Season
84 days until Daylight Savings Time ends
109 days until Thanksgiving Day
137 days until Christmas Eve
138 days until Christmas Day